Hello, my name is Jaime Torres of Beach City Painting. I’ve been painting in Orange County since 2009. I was born and raised in Bakersfield, and decided to make a move to the great coastal area of Huntington Beach in 2009. I studied Kinesiology at CSUB and work professionally in that industry for 6 years. I’ve always had a love for construction and enjoy being outside and on the move, so I decided to become a contractor. My father was a contractor, and so was my Grandfather. My brother has recently joined the team. He is a recently retired army combat medic of 16 years. We love talking with people and making their ideas come to life.  In my off time, I enjoy playing beach volleyball, riding along the boardwalk, and painting (art).

What to expect!

I’m not a pushy salesman. I like to think of my workflow similar to my demeanor. Low stress painters and the happiest painters. Our jobs go smoothly! Typical consultations include: going over the items for your project that you want, timelines for start and completion dates, materials desired, and budget. This is also a good time to bounce ideas off me if you are unsure about color schemes or design, etc. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jaime Torres